All companies are media producers.

Is your company creatively equipped to attract an audience?
Ampel are the branded entertainment and infotainment experts.

Our experienced producers, writers, directors and editors make TV, video and podcasts that generate audiences and sales.

What we do
How we work


Ampel develops our production approach based on your business, your creative strategy and your objectives. We create production efficiences by considering the entire production ecosystem at the start of the response, not just during execution.



We produce podcasts, TV & videos -- as well as dynamic creative video to personalise content for a mass audience via your EDMs or digital video - producing content based on KPIs, budgets and timings.


Ampel delivers results - so your company knows how the project has performed – without bias. Ampel's delivers creative production solutions with a high, meaningful ROI.

Josh Butt - Founder / Executive Producer.

With over 20 years of experience, Josh has extensive media, production and agency experience, with many awards for his TV, commercial, podcast and short film work.