The Top 5 Takeaways From the 2022 The Infinite Dial Report

Read on to discover how Aussie's are listening to audio, from the latest results from the 2022 The Infinite Dial Report.
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If you are in the audio game, you would no doubt be familiar with the annual The Infinite Dial research report by Edison Research. And if you aren’t, let this be your initiation to a key industry report that helps us benchmark just how we are doing in audio. This annual report measures the consumption and behaviours of audio in Australia. Across streaming audio, podcast, in-car audio, and smart speakers, the report aims to understand how we are tracking year on year when it comes to listening.  

The recent release of the 2022 The Infinite Dial Australia report was no less favourable to the audio landscape than in previous years. This newly released 2022 The Infinite Dial Australia report revealed what we already long suspected: Aussies love audio and are leaning in more than ever. Read on for the essential points to take away from the report.

Audio listening is up, but it’s not radio that’s driving it.

That’s right…podcasts, smart speakers, and even advances in in-car technology are growing our love of audio. But, of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t love radio. With 80% listening to live and on-demand in the last week, we still have a grand love affair with our favourite radio jockeys. But our radio listening remains stable while other new audio content sources continue to grow.

When we love our podcasts, we LOVE our podcasts. 

For the fifth year in a row, podcast listening has grown to an all-time high. And this year’s jump was significant. 40% of Australians now listen to a podcast at least monthly, which is a jump of +3% from the previous year. In addition, 26% also listen weekly, which is consistent with the previous year. That means Australians are averaging seven podcast episodes a week.

We love to listen to podcasts…everywhere. 

Always one of the more interesting statistics of The Infinite Dial Australia report is where people are listening to podcasts. While the usual suspects top the ranks with 83% of people listening at home, 60% listening in the car, and 50% listening while walking around, it’s always interesting to see how many are listening at work and the gym. Tricep dips and true crime continue to be a great combination for 19% of Aussies.

Smart speaker ownership is on the rise.  

Over 1 in 4 Aussies own a smart speaker, and there are now, on average, 2 smart speakers in each home which continues to increase yearly. This roughly shows that once you have one, you are more likely to get another – they are a bit addictive like that. 

Of the Aussie population, 23% own a Google Nest, with just 5% owning an Amazon Alexa and 2% owning an Apple HomePod. And if you didn’t know what an Apple HomePod was, it’s ok – neither did we.

Aussies know all the big streaming players, but we still love Spotify. 

With the exception of YouTube Music, most music and podcast streaming is done within Spotify.

While awareness of Apple and Amazon Music is high, it doesn’t always translate into audiences. Most notable is Apple Music, which has extremely high awareness at 83%. But just 7% of Aussies listen weekly on the platform. All while Spotify continues to grow. The Joe Rogan boycott didn’t affect listeners much it seems. 

Interested in diving deeper into the report? You can check it out on the official website here. Drop us a note if there are any stats in here that have piqued your interest or spurred some creative ideas. We would love to hear from you!  


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