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Working with Edelman and HSBC we created 6 x 10 minute episodes for a podcast series called “Beyond the Frame” a look behind the bigger picture of some of the world’s most important Impressionist art. In this season we’re looking at the rebellion of the French Impressionists – it wasn’t all dreamy brushwork, but a movement that was rife with bravery, breaking stereotypes and smashing perceptions. We go back 150 years to discover some of the surprising stories behind 6 iconic impressionist artworks, one painting per episode, moving past that into the artwork itself to give you a better impression of the work of these famed French artists.

We’re joined by some of the most famous subjects in art history – Boot from Mary Ellen in a White Coat by Mary Cassatt, the Road in Turn in the Road by Paul Cezanne — hear from the artworks themselves! 


For Ampel:

Producer / Writer: Josh Butt
Producer / Host: Indi Symons
Writer: Angela Greensill

For Edelman:

ECD: Jamil Bahti
Producer: Jasmin Malam
Account Manager: Ashleigh Bonica