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Is it just us or… marketing getting a little dull? We are a bit over hearing the same old voices selling us the same old spin about how they’re going to drive awareness, build reach… but not doing anything for client business.  Where creativity used to dominate, it just feels… well… kinda predictable. Ads have lost their jazz, data drives creative and media plans… Google, Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin – rinse and repeat.  

It’s time for marketing to get a hustle on …..and that is where the ‘Flex Your Hustle’ podcast by Commission Factory comes in!

Hosted by marketing consultant, content expert and General Manager of Ampel Michelle Lomas, ‘Flex Your Hustle’ will introduce you to amazing marketers that you have probably never heard of. The ones who had zero marketing experience and managed to build multi-million dollar businesses by hustling. The little e-comm side hustle that made millions in their first year selling socks, or the local beauty brand who has just cracked the global market. 

How did they do it? What did they learn along the way?  It’s all about the hustle. 

Join us each week to be inspired by these success stories who share one thing in common, they did marketing differently.  

FLEX YOUR HUSTLE is brought to you by Commission Factory and produced by Ampel.


For Ampel:

Host: Michelle Lomas

Development Producer: Brittany Frappell

Director of Audio Production: Stuart Buckland

Executive Producer: Josh Butt

For Commission Factory:

Managing Director APAC at AWIN Global: Zane McIntyre

Revenue Operations Director: Sophie Metcalfe

Events & Marketing Manager: Emily Do