Brands have become content producers.

So in 2019, they have to be able to behave like a media house.
Ampel provides TV, video and audio production solutions across all channels and media, with a dynamic creative mobile focus.

Every production approach is specifically tailored by Ampel's global network of production crew, writers and directors.

We give bias free consulting advice, independent analysis and help grow your returns through content for your brand's channels.

What we do
How we work


Ampel begins by understanding your business’s internal and external production needs and challenges. We develop the production approach based on your strategy, build you the right content solution and create production efficiencies.



Whatever you need produced – if it’s a TV show or a podcast, training videos or dynamic creative video — Ampel will work with you to find the best solution for your budget and timings.


Everything we make for you will come results and returns so that you know how the project has performed – without bias or agenda. Our approach is about being flexible, adapting to change, delivering great production capabilities with a high, meaningful ROI.

Josh Butt - Founder / Executive Producer.

With over 20 years of experience, Josh has extensive media, production and agency experience, with many awards for his TV, commercial, podcast and short film work.