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BLAST OFF! Like every good space rocket launch, we’ve been delayed due to bad weather, monkeys playing the fools or waiting for a sandwich to arrive. Fortunately, hosts Jack Eaton and Justin McArthur are patient Mates who are now ready to take you deep into Space. 

Humanity is taking its first steps in space. But how will we be a part of it? As Australia plans for a future among the stars, we’re stuck hearing about the joyrides of billionaires — but there are far more interesting conversations to be had.

Jack and Justin are here to prompt that dinner table conversation, the Saturday morning café chat, the icebreaker at Christmas. They’re going to get to space, without taking Earth’s bulls**t up with them.


Host / Writer / Producer: Justin McArthur
Co-host / Writer: Jack Eaton
Editor: Sarah O’Neill
Video Producer: Luke Sewell

Director, Audio Production: Stuart Buckland
Director, Media Partnerships: Lauren Deighton

General Manager: Michelle Lomas
Executive Producer: Josh Butt