But not about covid please!

This is a shitty, uncertain time. This week – in the same way that so many others have been, our short term revenue has made us think creatively. I’ve been trying to plan ahead because at some point, our cash will run out and I don’t want to be in a position where we can’t pay our suppliers.

Which made me think that if I am in this situation, then many other small businesses and freelancers are worse off. So – how can we work think creatively to make sure that we all come out ok?

At Ampel we’re producing podcasts for brands, working with clients on their production strategy and we’re co-producing a branded comedy TV show later this year. We absolutely love making fun work — with lots of different, amazing people who are all freelance.

So — if you, or someone you know works in media or marketing — are you and your team currently wondering:

  • Do I risk producing that campaign or wait?
  • Do I hold off giving work to freelancers or produce our work internally?
  • Do we push that decision back to next week?
  • Do I [insert 613 more questions]?
    Why not think big? Bold? Isn’t now the time?

I think that when times are tough or rough, you just need to keep moving forward and trying to find the fun in life. So you can:

  • Take some risks and be bold with your creative;
  • Have fun; make us laugh;
  • Work with freelancers and small companies;
  • Share spend across different suppliers;
  • Spend something on producing a campaign – not just media;
  • Pay for some strategy and creative thinking for a future campaign;
  • Think Long term. Why? Because for those brands who do – the data is clear. Advertising in a crisis (even if it’s community service announcements) pays off. Read this article about Kelloggs, Amazon, Pizza Hut and the other brands that benefited from a recession (note – written in 2019)

Three reasons I want to advocate for you / your company / your friend’s company to produce work:

  1. We’re stuck at home for 3 months easy.
  2. We’re in this together — your suppliers, freelancers, former employees, the economy – it’s all connected and people are either crazy busy, doing ok, or struggling.
  3. Everyone is watching and listening. Everything’s cancelled, everyone’s at home. If there was ever a time you had people’s attention either to think or read or watch or listen – it’s now.And if you do go for option 3…

… Many will feel hope — which is so powerful. It lets them stop worrying about themselves and think of others.

You’ll plan / produce some risky and fun work – maybe work that brings a smile, makes us cry, helps to overcome fears or unites us in a small way. Which will fun.

Podcasts can be produced, videos can be edited remotely. Songs can be written, recorded and sung.

Say yes to creating. Say yes to something awesome.

Who knows, maybe we’ll keep some people in business and enjoy advertising again?

Josh Butt is the Executive Producer of Ampel and is always keen to chat about production strategy and ideas for brands across TV, video, podcasts and radio.

josh@ampel.com.au or contact us with a question